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The Mitochdondrion – Radicals

The Mitochdondrion - RadicalsFast paced retro style arcade game, that takes place inside the Mitochondrion of a cell. Keyboard:
Arrow keys – move
Space bar – Pause

Analogue stick – move
Start – Pause
(You can’t quit to main menu in this version)

This is a simple action game.
You play as a character known as Antioxidant-Defence. (Green). You are here to stop the Free Radicals, Superoxide (red) and Hydroxyl (black). You stop them by colliding with them.

Oxygen (blue) you cannot interact with, but becomes Superoxide when it collides with Complex 1 (orange) because it gains an electron.

When you neutralise Superoxide it becomes Hydrogen Peroxide, which you cannot interact with. Hydrogen Peroxide becomes the most dangerous radical of all after a while, Hydroxyl Radical. They do the most damage so focus on stopping them.
When you collide with Hydroxyl you neutralise them and they become water.

You are here to protect the Mitochondrion (the level). Collect Grape Antioxidants to increase your speed and size. Making it easier to stop the Free Radicals!
Collect the Apple Antioxidant to replenish the Mitochondrion health, if your health is low!
An Apple will appear every 10 Hydroxyl radicals you neutralise!

The aim of the game is to protect the Mitochondrion for as long as possible and get a high score. You can unlock medals from Bronze to Platinum depending on your score.

Good Luck!

This is a stripped down version of the game so it could fit the 10mb restrictions of the Scirra Arcade.
The full game was playable at the Cambridge Science Festival 2014 and was very well received.
Unfortunately the animations and explanation of the science is missing from this version, and there is no music available for Explorer and Safari users (fully tested with Chrome). Apologies.
Please think of this as a prototype and let me know what you think, and about any bugs you may find.

Happy Gaming.

This game was Created by Henry Harling

Music and Sound Effects Created by
Nik Bishop