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The Mitochondrion: Heteroplasmy

The Mitochondrion: HeteroplasmyIQ style Arcade Puzzle game that takes place inside the Mitochondrion of a cell.
Find and stop the Mutant DNA.

The second game created for the Cambridge Science Festival 2014

Install font so game appears correctly:

Comfortaa Light

This is the game how it appeared on the day and so was designed for a much bigger monitor rather than a small window like this. The current highscore system was the one used to record the times of the players on the day and is not connected to a server.

The sound effects and music are quiet so please turn up the volume.

Game created by Henry Harling

Music and sound effects by Nik Bishop

My games at the Festival: youtube.com/watch?v=gqU6gwDCEyk

My website: henryh.moonfruit.com Use the mouse or touch screen to select the correct rings.
Detailed explanation within game.

(Touch screen support in progress)